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LePage vs. Mills

  • Turned away almost $2 billion in federal funding

  • Slashed public services, gave towns less for local services & failed to fully fund schools

  • Gutted public health system, leaving Maine vulnerable to the pandemic

  • Rural communities saw 7 straight years of economic decline

  • 10 years after the recession, Maine was 1 of only 5 states without net GDP growth

  • Prioritized lowering taxes for wealthiest 1% who already paid less than 80% of Maine households

  • Income tax breaks cost Maine $895 million annually, resulting in greater reliance on sales & property taxes

  • Shifted budget shortfalls to towns, causing property taxes to rise

  • Eliminated "circuit breaker" property tax refund that benefitted older Mainers and people with low income

  • Forfeited almost $2 billion in taxpayer-funded federal resources

  • Tried to block voter-approved minimum wage increase for 1 in 3 workers

  • Laid off 1,800 state workers and slashed pensions for retirees

  • Forfeited 4,000 jobs by refusing to expand Medicaid

  • Cut supports for out-of-work Mainers

  • Recession job recovery took 9 years, among the slowest in the nation

  • Slashed food assistance and safety net access in the middle of a recession

  • Policy changes resulted in 58,000 Mainers losing food assistance

  • Children fell into deep poverty at 8 times the national average

  • Maine was 3rd hungriest state in the nation and 1 in 6 households was food insecure between 2013 and 2015

  • Rejected, hoarded, and misspent millions intended to help people in poverty

  • Cut funding for family planning services

  • Increased drug costs for older and disabled Mainers by cutting medication assistance programs

  • Blocked Medicaid expansion and cut eligibility for Mainers with low income

  • Positioned Maine as the only state that didn't increase its share of people with health insurance, including 3,600 fewer children with coverage.

  • Maine dropped from 10th best health ranking to 21st

  • Defying voter-approved mandates, never fully funded schools

  • Prioritized tax breaks for the rich at the expense of public schools

  • Shortchanged schools by more than $1.3 billion, leaving towns to make up the difference

  • Blocked school meal expansion while Maine kids were among hungriest in the nation

  • Vetoed Student Loan Bill of Rights that would have protected Maine students

  • Forfeited an estimated $240 million in federal funding for older Mainers by refusing to expand Medicaid

  • Blocked $37 million in funding for affordable senior housing

  • Forfeited $4 million for Alzheimer’s, dementia, & preventative cancer care

  • Cut Drugs for the Elderly program and tried to eliminate Meals on Wheels

  • Ignored evidence of looming PFAS “forever chemical” pollution crisis

  • Blocked clean energy initiatives, investment, and innovation

  • Opposition to clean energy initiatives cost Maine thousands of high-quality jobs

  • Appointed oil industry lobbyist to lead Dept. of Environmental Protection

  • Tried to expand offshore oil drilling in Maine waters

  • Leveraging $2.25 billion in federal funding to build stronger economy and help Maine recover from pandemic 

  • Recovered 95,000 jobs lost in the pandemic in just 2 years

  • Fulfilled state obligation for funding education for the first time in Maine history

  • GDP growth better than national average

  • Quadrupled the state's "rainy day" fund 

  • Policies resulted in bottom 40% of households paying a lower tax rate than the wealthiest 1% for the first time

  • Stabilized property taxes by fully funding schools & municipal revenue sharing

  • Closed corporate tax loopholes

  • Raised homestead exemption reimbursement rate, saving homeowners money

  • Enacted a five fold increase of the Earned Income Tax Credit

  • Recovered 99% of jobs lost during the pandemic in just two years

  • Directed $2.25 billion in federal funds to boost economy and launch sweeping Maine Jobs & Recovery Plan

  • Raised pay for teachers and care workers, and boosted pensions for public servants

  • Enacted first-in-the-nation paid leave law that benefits 85% of Maine workers

  • High rate of in-migration and the only state to grow younger in 2021

  • Restored and expanded access to social safety net programs

  • Committed to ending hunger by 2030 with sweeping plan

  • Continued free school meal program for all Maine children even after federal program ended

  • Targeted critical funding to child care and supports for working families

  • Boosted pay for low-wage workers

  • Protected and expanded reproductive care and abortion access

  • Reduced medication costs for older and disabled Mainers by restoring funding for medication assistance programs

  • Implemented Medicaid expansion, giving 95,000 Mainers access to affordable health care, and increased coverage eligibility for 40,000 children

  • Top-rated pandemic response among states

  • Maine rose from 21st best health ranking to 8th

  • Fulfilled the state's commitment to cover 55% of the cost of K-12 education for the first time

  • Increased base pay and fast-tracked certification for teachers

  • Provided free community college for pandemic-impacted graduates

  • Made school meals free for all Maine children

  • Signed Student Loan Bill of Rights to combat predatory lending

  • Expanded Medicaid, resulting in affordable health care for 22,000 older Mainers

  • Authorized senior housing bonds and new housing tax credits

  • Restored safety net access and expanded food and fuel assistance programs

  • Increased funding for nursing homes and direct care to address workforce shortages

  • Established a new Cabinet on Aging

  • Formed PFAS Task Force and targeted $90M to address “forever chemical” pollution

  • Launched Maine’s Climate Action Plan with aggressive climate and energy goals

  • On track to reach 80% renewable electricity by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2045

  • Policies resulted in 300% solar capacity surge in just 2 years

  • Greenhouse gas emissions reduced to 25% below 1990 levels





Health Care


Health Care

Older Mainers

Older Mainers


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